Travelling is weird. It’s when you arrive at your destination, that you end up realising that you’re in a completely different world. I’m talking about Nepal. I did my research before I left, yet it’s now, at this very moment on an airport, that I see that Nepal ain’t anything like Taiwan. Wow.



dodging dogs

I normally don’t experience this kinda culture shock, but today I am blown away. The moment I arrive, I feel claustrophobic. So much action in such a little room. Cha-o-tic. After a full day of traveling, it’s not that comfy place you hope for. I am longing for the a serene peace of the tea plantation. I’ve always thought of myself as the city girl, but man, if this is what that entails, forget it. I arrange a cab for myself, and pray he takes me to my hotel asap. . After a 20 minute drive, and dodging about 25 dogs, we arrive in front of my hotel. The hotel is HUGE and very good for Nepal standards. I am still kinda in shock, but the thought of having a comfy bed, WiFi and English speaking people makes it all easier to handle. 


professional packer

The next morning I am feeling a lot better. I start organising the stuff I need, packing them away carefully in my bag. By now I’m a professional packer, in fact, I’ve obtained a PhD in it. Haha. I wait for my guide in the lobby. It’s already so exciting! I’m relieved to see a smart, English speaking lady walking towards me. We drive to the airport through a very busy Kathmandu. Pff.. It’s so busy here. And chaotic, did I mention that before? Cars, humans and goats fill up the already shitty roads. 


a mess

When we arrive at the airport, I say my goodbyes. I am flying with a small propeller plane to the teabuyer's husband on the other side of Nepal (in the far-off east). Because it’s harvesting season her husband lives in the east, and she lives in Kathmandu to manage the shop and storage. They sometime fly over to see each other.  The airport is, yes you guessed right; a mess. The gate ‘opens’ here by them hanging a tiny sign on the check in desk (haha, cmon guys) and so I check in my luggage. I wait and feel disoriented. People look at me in a weird way, and I don’t understand what they’re saying.. it just makes me feel a bit.. lost. It’s when we’ve gotta walk to our plane (yup) that I start feeling motivated again. I’m on my way, let’s see where this adventure takes me!



This blog is about  No.015 - White Sandakphu and No.018 - Himalaya Gold