Kiona is the force behind Crusio Tea. Her mission: “I have the wish and ambition to change the way tea is perceived. With this comes transparency, direct and honest trade and unblended, unflavoured tea. It’s really important to bring to light how tea is and works, and constantly moving towards exploring and improving it. I want to share everything I discover through my travels and experiments.”

The travels and talking about REAL stories, resulted in a vast network in terms of sourcing and B2B. Stimulating tea farmers, bringing parties closer to one another, minimizing the chain and thus creating better tea. Her tea is currently available in 9 countries in Europe, consisting of hotels, coffee bars and more than 30 star restaurants. In these restaurants, Kiona advises the chefs on how to put together their tea assortment and how to use tea as an ingredient in the kitchen. Besides Crusio Tea, we also have an ‘invitation-only’ brand called Kiona Malinka Tea since 2018. The fifteen companies invited throughout Europe, work together with Kiona to serve tea at the highest level possible. This brand focusses on prepartions, pairings, custom sourcing and refined recipes. Through this united cooperation between sommeliers and chefs, knowledge is spread, which Kiona uses to elevate and make progress within the world of tea.


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