Crusio tea

Crusio tea is an importer and supplier of fresh tesa leaves. From all corners of the world, our tea sommelier Kiona impors different sorts of tea, freshly after harvest. For the perfect cup of tea, we need to work together. Tea farmers, buyers and tea lovers.

Our goal

Delicious tea. Direct trade and looking for the best quality at home and in the catering industry. In every country we buy tea from, like Japan, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka, we have a tea master. By spending time together, we start to understand each other in terms of what we look for in tea, taste and how and where to achieve that. 


every season again

Because: new harvest, new tasting notes thus a new assortment of Crusio Tea! So the search never really ends. On a plantation, Kiona visits the farmer and works together with them to create a new method and taste the new harvest. If the tea lives up to our expectations and looks good, we immediately buy the leaves and fly them out to the Netherlands. That’s where Kiona makes a recipe for each tea and a taste description, so everyone can come along on the adventure!


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