It’s a somber day and I’m sitting in a kinda boring meeting. My phone buzzes, I look and see the number calling me. It’s Nepal! 



 country code

Ever since I’ve got a tea company, I receive calls from all corners of the world. Each time new country codes, but this one I recognise. It’s the tea farmer we work with in Nepal. A year ago, I was there with him, staring at tea leaves and fields, and now he’s calling me! I excuse myself from the meeting and pick up while hurrying into the hallway. I say ‘Hi, this is Kiona speaking’ On the other side of the phone line I can hear his voice. It feels so welcoming and warm. He sounds super excited and tells me it’s the first day of harvesting season today. 


hello spring

I’ve experienced this more than once in different countries, honestly, it’s a party every time. The winter is gone, hello spring. Sometimes you’ve got to wait days before the weather conditions allow you to start planting good cups of tea. Today is a special day in Nepal, and I let my day dreams carry me away.. The silence, the smell, the people and the food. Pff.. BAM, the door of the auditorium swings open for a small break. Shit, I gotta get back.


why else?

I ask the farmer if we can buy the first batch of this year. Exciting question, because it’s seen as an honour to be getting that batch. He laughs, I pray, and he asks me ‘why else did you think I was calling you?’ YAY.. I quickly say my goodbyes, do my victory dance and run back to the meeting. A few weeks later the tea has been flown in, and we’ve packed it all already. Get ready to order! 



This blog is about No.015 – White Sandakphu