Yes! My inner clock is telling me it’s time to travel! My head is still buzzing from my trip a year ago though..



my style

I was in India when an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Earth and (instead of my head), it was the ground beneath me that shook furiously. But the desire to travel is back! I can’t wait to go to all the plantations/vast fields filled with tea, talk to farmers, search for tea and doing what I love so dearly; buying tea for Crusio Tea. The crazy thing is, everytime I’m about to step into the plane I doubt my wild plans. Is it even possible to just go to a country, rent a car and chauffeur, travel to the highest mountains and biggest fields, all in search for tea? Shouldn’t I have planned out my trip beforehand? Yet deep inside my heart tells me that this is how it’s supposed to be. This is my style. This is how I want to do it and so I will. I will search the fields on my sneakers, for the most beautiful, intriguing, flavours all while holding a camera to capture every breathtaking moment. Amazing. From the moment we’re up in air I feel the excitement build up inside of me. To infinity and beyond! Although I’ve done this a lot of times before, I can’t help but notice that I’ve forgotten how to.. travel light. It’s not like I’ve grown out of travelling, it’s just that I’ve literally shoved an entire office into the front seat pocket. It’s so bad that I somehow totally forgot I had to sit somewhere too. The things I’ve taken could entertain me for like, a 100 hours consecutively. Things like my Macbook, an iPad, notebooks, toiletries, water, crisps, a toothbrush and headphones (and –strictly speaking- these are only the things I can see from where I´m sat)


hey that's me!

After a layover in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, my journey continues. I´m going to Sri Lanka. Colombo here I come!

Following many, many, distorted naps, I´m there. Colombo! And my bag is here too. Losing your luggage while travelling wouldn´t come in handy at all, considering I have a lot of presents for the farmers in there. I collect my bag and before I realise I´ve gone through security and am looking for my driver. Not long after, I see my name: Mr. Kiona. Hey, that´s me! I greet my tiny driver and off we go. I crawl into the back of the Jeep and open the window. First stop: my hotel, where I´m going to take a well-deserved nap. In the middle of Colombo. We´ve been driving around an hour when I suddenly realise that people drive rough around here! From all the countries I´ve been to, the people in Sri Lanka definitely top everyone in terms of rough driving. It´s insane! We speed off and I look out of my window. The sight of colourful, handmade kites floating on top of man-made villages greet me. It looks so nice.


overripe fruit and fuel gasses

The landscapes are so diverse over here; from palm trees to jungles to tiny lively villages, everything seems possible here! As we approach the city centre of Colombo the traffic on the road gets busier. The wind blows through my open window and the sun rays dance on my face as I soak up the smell of spices, of ripening fruits and of petrol around me. I smile. I´m happy here.



This blog is about No.053 – Ceylon