I have this thing.. I mean, I’ve definitely got more issues, but let’s discuss this one for now...

the history of the pinky finger

I lift my pinky when I eat or drink. I can’t do anything about it. Even when I’m trying to notice, I do it. With each sip or slurp, that little finger flies up, and the whole look changes from normal to royal. At Least, I always thought of it like overboard and chic. Until I started looking at the reasoning and history behind that pinky finger and the lifting thereof. We need to go back in time for this, but we will find different articles describing where that little chic pinky comes from and what it stands for.

Ready for dessert

Allegedly, it’s said that the tea cups in the 19th century were wide shaped and flat the bottom, making it hard not to spill anything. The pinky helped keep the cup in balance. This caused the lifting pinky to become a trend, and because tea was only for the elite, so was that pinky finger. Now this claim seems very far reached; we prefer the one about to come, it’s much more exciting. In 1840, there was only two meals a day. Apparently the Duchess of Bedford needed a bit more, so she started asking for sweets and tea to be served for her, which she would enjoy at the teahouse in the garden. Soon, she started inviting her friends over, which turned into what we now call afternoon tea. It was ladies only. Now, we overheard that after this tea, some ladies liked to have some male company. If they did, they would raise their pinky finger very subtly while sipping their tea. This way, everyone could see they were in for some ‘dessert’.

how to position your hand

Years later, this gesture would become the mocking point of elegance, and would find itself in each play that made fun out of the higher social class. Proper etiquettes however, (after much research) say that it is absolutely not appropriate to be raising your pinky finger while holding a tea cup. As the rule states: “You are to position your fingers facing down at all times, hanging loosely, while placing your hand horizontally”. So ladies, if you spot that good looking guy across the table, by all means, let him know you’re interested by raising that pinky! If he doesn’t happen to be there, no pinky. I repeat, no pinky.