The sweetness of the No.026 Jin Jun Mei and the sweet tones of strawberry are the perfect combination!


  • 12g of No.026 Jin Jun Mei
  • 1L of filtered water
  • 30g strawberries
  • Garnish: ice cubes and a couple of sliced strawberries
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Weighing the tea

Weigh the tea and heat the water to a 100 °C. Heat some extra water and allow the tea to steep in the latter for the first 20 seconds.

Cutting strawberries

Cut the strawberries in slices for a better release of tastes.

Add water

Allow the tea to steep, together with the strawberries in the litre water that you have boiled.

Sieve tea

Sieve the tea by pouring it through a fine mesh sieve into another jug. Let the tea cool down in a refridgerator or serve immediately for a warm cup.


Serve the tea directly for a hot cup of strawberry tea. Or let it cool in the refridgerator and serve it with ice cubes and some slices of strawberry as a refreshing icetea.


Interested in this tea? It is not for sale in our webshop yet, but it is available! Send us an email if you want to get No.026: